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Sat, Mar 02





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Time & Location

Mar 02, 2024, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM



About the event

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

 Embark On A Electrifying Journey Towards Unlocking Your Most Extraordinary Potential.

This new masterclass "Being Extraordinary," is designed to ignite the fire within you and guide you towards a life of boundless possibilities. Join us as we delve deep into the essence of greatness and unveil the secrets to living a life beyond ordinary and quit following the crowd


Dive into strategic goal-setting techniques and create a roadmap for success. Define your vision, set clear objectives, and pave the way for an extraordinary journey ahead. This is for you if you are tired of following the crowd going no where and ready to trailblaze your way to success

LET'S  REDEFINE WHAT IS POSSIBLEImagine you had the confidence, mindset and tapped into the power within to start showing up differently. Tap into your limitless potential and redefine what's possible. Embrace the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering courage as you step into your greatness. 

How different would this year be for you?

What We Will Cover:
  • ​TRAILBLAZE YOUR WAY TO GREATNESS- How to follow and discover what you truly desire. Gain clarity of what you really want
  • REDEFINE WHAT IS POSSIBLE - Become aware of what may be holding you back, the stories you tell yourself and you can shape a new empowering truth
  • IGNITE YOUR POTENTIAL - Embrace the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering courage as you step into your greatness.

Meet Wunmi(BIWE)

Wunmi is a Mindset Coach & Energy Industry Veteran

With a rich professional background spanning over 17 years in the energy industry and Consulting, Wunmi has honed an exceptional understanding of the challenges and triumphs in high-stress, high-stakes environments. This experience has seamlessly dovetailed into a flourishing career as a mindset coach, where Wunmi excels in guiding individuals towards unlocking their true potential.

As a mindset coach, Wunmi brings a unique blend of real-world corporate experience and personal development strategies. This combination allows for a deep and practical understanding of how mindset shifts can lead to substantial changes in both professional and personal realms.

In the upcoming masterclass, Wunmi and Leanne are set to share transformative insights and techniques honed from years of navigating the complexities of the energy sector and coaching individuals from various walks of life. Participants can look forward to an immersive experience, learning to master their thoughts, emotions, and actions to achieve their goals and thrive in any environment.

This masterclass is more than just a learning opportunity; it's a transformative journey. Prepare to dive deep into the art of mindset mastery with Wunmi and emerge with the tools, strategies, and confidence to take control of your life and make your aspirations a reality.

Meet Leanne

Leanne's journey traversed diverse careers, from flight crew to inspiring individuals through personal training and entertaining aboard prestigious cruises globally. Yet, amidst these enriching experiences, an inner quest for deeper fulfilment and purpose persisted. Her awakening occurred in 2014, sparked by the profound teachings of Earl Nightingale's 'The Strangest Secret,' unveiling the immense influence of thoughts in shaping reality.

This awakening ignited her pursuit to understand the mind's profound role in fostering boundless success, unlocking pathways to happiness, health, and abundance. Along this transformative path, she gracefully manifested her dream car, explored the world's wonders, and experienced the joy of achieving substantial milestones within the initial months of her first coaching business. Rediscovering unstoppable confidence, she joyously embraced teaching salsa in her 20's and performing in dance shows once again after giving up on her dream to be a professional dancer at 18 years old

Empowered by a newfound purpose in 2019 and an unshakeable sense of confidence, she established a heartfelt business capable of extending its reach globally. She is committed to empowering and leading her clients to live a life of purpose, passion and transforming their lives through the power of the mind, understanding energetics and embodying a winning confident image

Her unwavering mission remains steadfast: to inspire individuals to break free from limitations, cultivate confidence, and create lives imbued with authentic joy and fulfilment.

Now, the stage is set for your personal evolution! Thriving isn't just surviving; it's tapping into your inner power to shape your unique reality

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